Young people’s perceptions of themselves

Young people found they had A Different View of themselves as a result of their involvement in the various projects; they noticed improvements in confidence, self esteem, maturity, ability and their sense of personal worth and value.

Students taking part in Generation Gap were encouraged to feel a sense of pride in themselves and their work; the project helped them realise their individual importance as valued and ‘useful’ members of society.

“Participation in this project has made the young people value their art work as something that can make a difference to and contribute to the wider community."
‘It gave me confidence in my ability’.

Staff have suggested that as a result of Drugs Aware! students now have a wider knowledge of their individual skills and abilities, thus increasing their self confidence and sense of ambition. One young person commented “I didn’t think I was good at anything until now".


When observing the young peoples’ participation in the Airhedz 2007 workshops staff noticed a direct correlation between the lack of enthusiasm for an activity and a sense of insecurity felt by the young people.


“The ones who did not get as much enjoyment were those who held back, who were worried about making a fool of themselves and instead were avoiding having a go by saying it was all rubbish – I know that this was said out of fear of embarrassment” (Member of staff)