Young people’s perception of creativity

‘Fantastic’, ‘It was cool’, ‘It was great’. (Drugs Aware!)

By the end of their respective projects the young people had A Different view of what they may have once seen as a ‘glamorous’ arts industry. Through a hands-on approach they discovered for themselves that the creative process can be hard work, tiring, time consuming, demands perseverance, and requires commitment, but can also be enjoyable, inspiring, and educational.


Those participating in Generation Gap found that learning through creativity is broad as well as enjoyable. In addition to the technical skills of film making, students found that they had a better understanding of how to work and communicate as part of a team.
Staff members questioned the issue of engagement, in particular how to keep young people committed to a project (the project continued to run through the Easter holidays). However during term time staff found that the core group attended all sessions which they say is unusual for YOT activities. Students even agreed to give up part of a Sunday to film in the rain!

The Runners project was a new experience for many of the young people involved; having not worked in this way before they experienced big learning curves; they were obviously (and justifiably) naïve in their understanding of the creative process and learnt a lot about what was required from them in order to produce a film to a high standard.

The young people involved in ChESS Street Dance ultimately found that although at times hard work and tiring, the creative process can be highly rewarding; the end product being something to be proud of.


“Some of them were so proud of it that they even want to put clips from it up on MySpace and Beebo!” (Staff member at ChESS)

“I learned that music is a great way to get your emotions on things out and try to show other people in the situations how to deal with it” A student at Beaconsfield Arts Learning Centre


"I feel confident enough to use the camera in my artwork" year 11 GCSE art student, CrossRoads


"I can take pictures of my own graffiti now", year 11 GCSE art student, CrossRoads