Young people’s perceptions of Risk / Crime

It is has been noticed that through intervention and by using creative practice to both distance and connect young people to what happens when crime takes place, they have A Different View of the impact of crime upon themselves and others.

‘I‘d never thought about how drugs hurt more than just the person taking them’ (A young person involved in Drugs Aware!)

The young people involved in the Drugs Aware! project had not previously encountered drugs education; it proved to be an invaluable experience for those taking part.
Those participating in the photography side of the project were so amazed by their findings that they organised an extra session and suggested that the police take pupils out with them on the ‘drugs trail’ regularly.

“It really shocked me”
“It was really dirty and horrible”

By broadening the young people’s knowledge and understanding of the issues surrounding drugs and by providing access to support services for those who might already be involved, the project helped to change the young people’s attitudes towards the risk of drug abuse. The drama sessions in particular equipped them with the confidence and tools to be able to say ‘no’ and ‘still be cool’.

The Runners project confronted an issue that was very real for the young people involved– the possibility of being groomed for drug running. Staff involved suggested that the commitment of the young people was enhanced by the fact that many knew of a young person who had died as a direct result of being involved in drug running.

“They are more aware now of the subtleness of being drawn into this sort of activity and the dangers.” A member of staff involved in the project