Project Summaries


Who? Bucks Arts Partnership (BAP), Thames Valley Police, film maker Iona Fabian, forty four pupils from year 9, 10, 11 and 12 at and Chalfont St Peter’s Youth Club

Where? Chalfont Community College and the local community

When? April and May 2007

What/How? The project culminated in the production of a thought-provoking film which explored the views of young people.

Why? To address concerns raised by the Neighbourhood Action Group surrounding anti-social behaviour.

"We can use this when we go into schools to get kids thinking about behaviour in their communities" Police Officer with Thames Valley Police



Who? Bucks Arts Partnership (BAP), Thames Valley Police, Walton Court Neighbourhood Action Group, Youth@ACT, Addaction, the Drugs Prevention Education Advice Programme (DPEAP), and 100 pupils from years 9, 10 and 11 at Mandeville Upper School. The artists were Fraser Trainer (composer), Simon Haram (saxophonist), John Hinkly (photographer and film maker), Verity Peacock (theatre director), and Steve Scott (theatre practitioner).

Where? Mandeville Upper School and four of its feeder schools

When? March 2007

What/How? The project saw the pupils trying out various arts based projects, the outcomes of which were shared with feeder schools and other community groups.

Why? To address the concerns over drug and alcohol abuse raised by the Walton Court Neighbourhood Action Group.

One pupil commented: ‘I‘d never thought about how drugs hurt more than just the person taking them’


Who? Thames Valley Police, six artists from Hogarth Productions, and thirteen young people directly involved with Slough Youth Offending Team.

Where? Slough, Wantage, Reading

When? March to autumn 2007

What/How? The project resulted in the production of a film that would explore the issues surrounding drug running which could act as an educational tool for other young people and professionals.

Why? To highlight the growing problem of young people being used in drug running.




Who? Students from St Edmund’s pupil referral unit, Maria Stylianou (dance practitioner)

Where? Maidenhead

When? Autumn term of 2006

What/How? The students were taught a dance routine that was built up over several sessions.

Why? To increase their enjoyment of dance and exercise, improve their team working skills and express their individuality through music.

"It was very rewarding to see the students ‘let themselves go’ and be able to dance in front of each other with no inhibitions. This is something I rarely see in the classroom"


Who? ChESS pupil referral unit and Maria Stylianou (dance practioner)

Where? Reading

When? Oct 2006 – May 2007

What/How? The process of building up a dance routine culminated in a performance for staff, family and friends.

Why? As well as increase the young peoples’ enjoyment of physical exercise, their confidence, self esteem, communication and social skills, and allow them to realise positive forms of self expression. The ultimate goal being to find local clubs for the young people to join that would keep them positively occupied in the evenings.

"The transformation over the 8 months has been unbelievable and I have been in a very privileged situation to be able to watch these young people grow and blossom.”



Who? 10 alternative education providers in Milton Keynes, Expressive Feat (an aerial circus trapeze troupe)

Where? Bletchley Youth Centre’s sports hall

When? June 2007

What/How? Young people were given the opportunity to try various circus skills/aerial workshop taster sessions that would otherwise be inaccessible in their local area.

Why? Students were able to challenge themselves, build confidence, and learn to trust others.

"I would like to think that having had a go on the trapeze or the unicycle will help some of the more nervous students to have a go at these other activities now that they have overcome some of their fears." Staff member at YPOS



Who? A 15 year old home-schooled male, Creative Arts Development Project (Oxfordshire and West Berkshire) Bridgeway PRU, West Berkshire YOS,

Where? Newbury

When? School year 2006/2007?

What/How? Negotiating provision of Short Course GCSE in Art and Design
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Why? To help prevent offending or re-offending by providing arts progression routes in to education, training or employment for young people.

“The Young person’s communication and interpersonal skills improved significantly throughout the course.” YOS staff member



Who? Oxfordshire ISSP, West Berkshire Youth Offending Service

Where? Bicester

When? May 2007 – On-going

What/How? ISSP staff observed and contributed to a series of workshops based around developing emotional literacy.

Why? To develop an arts based group to deliver as part of ISSP’s programme. To develop new skills around encouraging and supporting young people to express themselves creatively and develop new skills.


Who? The Beaconsfield School, Katherine Belcher (artist), student support officer

Where? The Arts Learning Centre (ALC)

When? Academic year 2006/07 (individual projects around 6 weeks)

What/How? The setting up of the Arts Learning Centre (ALC) which facilitates various arts-based projects.

Why? To develop a number of arts-based (visual, photography, film-making, dance and drama) programmes to work with disaffected young people to help address negative attitudes and reinforce positive behaviours within the school.



Who? Young people from 5 Pupil Referral Units across West Berkshire, Reading and Bracknell and West Berkshire Youth Offending Team working with Photographer Andy Fleming and ceramicist Jonny Diorio

Where? West Berkshire, Reading and Bracknell

When? March to May 2008

What/How? Young people were given the oppotunity to examine transition points in their lives through the mediums of ceramics and photography

Why? To build awareness and self esteem through creativity and to develop emotional skills in order to make appropriate life choices.


Taking the Mic, Iver

Who? Bucks Arts Partnership, Thames Valley Police, St. Peter’s Centre, Iver Village School, Seers Green School and artist Jack Milner

Where?   Iver, South Bucks

When? January to March 2008

What/How?   Young people were given an opportunity to direct a piece of drama looking at issues of anti-social behaviour.

Why? To address issues of anti-social behaviour raised by the Neighbourhood Action Group