Adults’ perception of young people

A Different View of adults’ perceptions of young people has been observed thoughout the various projects. Staff, teachers and artists have found themselves being pleasantly surprised by the attitudes and progress of the young people involved. Whilst the young people have discovered that “Most older people actually like young people quite a lot” (A young person involved in Generation Gap)

The Generation Gap project helped unearth adults’ positive perceptions of young people which are so often over looked by a society who are in fear of ‘yobs’ and ‘hoodies’. Through the responses collected in student-led interviews the artist discovered that “there is actually a quite positive attitude to youth from most older people.” (Iona Fabian – film maker)
“Not all young people are making trouble” (Adult Interviewee)

Staff observing new approaches to teaching in Drugs Aware! have new perceptions of their pupils’ abilities and attitudes as a result of the project. “It was very rewarding to see the students ‘let themselves go’ and be able to dance in front of each other with no inhibitions. This is something I rarely see in the classroom.”

An adult observing the effects of ChESS Street Dance described the young peoples’ transformations as ‘unbelievable’.

“I have been in a very privileged situation to be able to watch these young people grow and blossom.” (ChESS Staff member)

The provision of the GCSE Art and Design short course saw the dramatic change in the adults’ perception of the young person involved. At first he would arrive late or not at all, by the end of the course he was turning up early and doing extra work at home. Staff noted that the young person’s communication and interpersonal skills improved significantly throughout the course.


The change in the young people involved in the various projects at Beaconsfield’s Arts Learning Centre was evident to their teachers and their parents: “He was a different boy and it was brilliant to hear him talking so fluently and confidently about his experience.” A teacher at Beaconsfield.

“That was the hardest he’s worked all term, in any of his subjects, put together!” Parent of Year Nine student on ALC programme